This is the website of local Alton artist; Pam Pell (Jones). Here you will find examples of her artwork and a little more about her artistic passions, interests and artistry development.

Over several decades, Pam has developed an original and distinctive painting style which uses facets of colour to depict still life, portraits as well as land and townscapes.
More recently she has been working in 3D design with glass and ceramics but this creative work is still in its infancy.  She hopes soon to learn the techniques of stained glass where she can transfer the facets of colour in her painting into glass imagery.

No matter what medium I am using, it is the colour and forms in the world around me that fire my creativity. Working with glass allows me to go one stage further than paint and allows me to explore the interaction of these colours and forms with light. This I find truly exciting and inspirational.’

While you view her work, Pam hopes you will share her enjoyment of the creative inspirations encountered on her artistic journey.

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